The Regex Tagger

The Regex Tagger

A good overview of this feature can be found in the online memoQ Help. The Regex Tagger can be used in two ways:

  • Protect non-translatable structures in an already imported document by converting these to inline tags. If this is done in the working memoQ grid, don't forget to save the instructions you use for tagging so you can re-use them later!
  • Provide inline tagging of content during import as a sequential operation in a cascading filter. The Regex Tagger configuration can be entered directly in the filter cascade, or the empty settings can be substituted by a saved configuration using the drop-down menu at the top of the dialog.

A few of examples of Regex Tagger configurations are included below:

  • protecting <exposed tags>
  • protecting [exposed BBcode]
  • protecting {curly quoted content}

These configurations can be imported in the memoQ Resource Console under Filter configurations, after which they will be available for selection in cascading filters and when the Regex Tagger is invoked from the Preparation ribbon.

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