Miscellaneous auto-translation rules

Zero-width spaces embedding tool

The downloadable ZIP file contains an auto-translation rule, a text file for testing and a README file with this information.

Import the text file with questions from the talk on September 7, 2023 to a project, then copy the source text to the target. The auto-translation rule, when loaded, can replace the two words of interest ("Anthony" and "memoQ") with versions that have zero-width spaces (\u200B) embedded in them so taht the effect on filtering, term base hits, etc. can be tested.

Converting English months to Hebrew

One might ask, why would an auto-translation rule be needed just for converting months to months in another language? Can't you just cover this with the term base. Weeeeelll, yes and no.

Think of this as a variation on the "abbreviations rules" thing. Months are often abbreviated, and using the term base options (like Jan|uary) would give more false positives than the regex here, and you would also probably have to fiddle with the match setting for capitalization. Life's too short.

This is also potentially relevant to QA, where the auto-translation rule or some of its regex could be applied (on the Regex tab).

A small improvement could be made (cautiously) here for abbreviated English months with a period.

And why Hebrew? Well, someone asked me about the viability of memoQ's regex functionality for RTL languages (spoiler: it seems just fine), and this was the easiest language to do based on the resources I have. Of course the rules can be edited to substitute a language other than Hebrew (like Ukrainian, Gaelic or Norwegian).

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