Staying organized: naming conventions

As you begin to use, create and adapt rulesets...

... it becomes ever harder to keep them all straight. It is extremely important to use a disciplined system for naming these rules and including some basic information like the version (maybe also the date last edited), authorship and contact information and notes on function to help you keep all these rules straight. The list shown here in the screenshot has just a fraction of the rules in my archive, as this computer is just a spare laptop that I keep around to take on travels or quick trips to give a talk somewhere. The serious work happens on other machines or on servers, where the resource lists are much longer. Without a system this is impossible chaos.

Resource Console list of auto-translation rules for My Computer

I'm human like all of you, so sometimes I "let it slide" and write something fast, perhaps with just a client company name to identify the rules. But I have learned the hard way that this is the fast track to grief.

I use a system of naming that can be summarized as:

(type) + (language or translation pair) + (other stuff)

Choose whatever system you like, and name things in whatever language or alphabet or writing system is most convenient for you. The language I use is my native one (English), but I could use German, Spanish or Portuguese just as well. It all works, so make things work the best way for you and your teams.

Some rules are bilingual in function. So date rules might involve a French source and a Portuguese target, so the first part of the name might be "date FR_PT". If it's for Angolan Portuguese, maybe "date FR_PT-AO".

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