An introduction to the Regex Text filter... from memoQ

The Regex Text filter...

... enables a custom filter to be built for any text-based format. The filter offers many options and can be rather complex to configure, but like any other memoQ resource, once configured for a particular file format, that configuration can be used like any other file filter.

There aren't a lot of resources offering clear instructions on how to use this filter. There is, of course, the memoQ Help, but the video below (an old memoQ webinar by Miklos Urban) shows a useful example of a typical "key pair" structure I often encountered in my translation work.

The downloadable file below contains the filter Miklos showed as an example in the video, and the ZIP file also contains a text file of similar structure. If you import the MQRES file (in your memoQ Resource Console) and use the filter to import the sample text, your result should look like this:

Note that the comment balloons for the first two segments indicate that the comments were imported as comments, following the configured instructions on the Paragraph tab of the filter configuration dialog.

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