iceni Infix: the Swiss Army knife for PDF

PDF files are a troubling constant in many translators' lives....

and many years ago, one of our late colleagues, José Henrique Lamensdorf, introduced me to a novel tool which enabled me to do many things with PDF files that I had previously been able to accomplish only with an expensive Adobe Acrobat license... or not at all.

Unlike iceni's TransPDF and many other tools, InFix allows content exports even from locked PDF files, which has saved me a number of missed deadlines and frustrated customers. "Stories" (selected text) can be exported, or PDF pages can be exported to XML files (or XLIFF with the TransPDF integration). Graphics can be extracted or translated directly in the PDF. And so much more. This affordable solution also includes OCR capabilities and a lot of other useful editing features, and many of its most important functions also work in the unlicensed demonstration mode.

Have a look at my old lecture on this topic (with a time-coded table of topics in the Description field) and see what InFix can do for you!

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