Downloadable web search configurations for memoQ

memoQ Web Search examples

Currently, the example web search configurations provided with the installed software are a bit of a mess. There are quite a few resources for various languages, but the search strings in some are defective or obsolete, and the names of the configurations themselves imply that they are somehow for German and English. Well...

... not always it seems. Keyword: chaos.

When the web search feature was first added to memoQ, I could make little sense of it until I began to build my own configurations from scratch, i.e. by creating a new resource with nothing and then adding my favorite search sites configured as I want them. These in turn were helpful to explain to colleagues working with the same language combination and search sites how memoQ's web search works.

When it came to teaching university classes in Portugal, I found it helpful to get the students started with a limited set of sites configured in their working languages. And one class had a colleague from Kenya in it, so I made a Swahili configuration to get him started.

The web search examples below are perhaps better starting points for understanding and using memoQ Web Search. Feel free to download, adapt and share these as you like. If some of the search sites have changed their retrieval parameters, you may need to edit and adapt the search string (my books and the memoQ Help explain this adequately), but last time I checked, everything worked.

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