InDesign INDD & IDML files with a preview – local & server projects

Did you know...

... that memoQ can do InDesign files better than any other translation platform? Both INDD and IDML files? And with the possibility of an HTML preview for both? In local projects and on a server? Well, that's what this unit is all about: getting the filter settings right, and a few things more.

Of course, too often we get InDesign files that are badly prepared by wannabe "DTP specialists" who draw lines and use lots or spaces to build a table, or who neglect to clean up optional hyphenation, use the computer like a typewriter with a CR at the end of many lines (why aren't those people dead as dodo birds by now? this is the 21st century!) and other instances of awfulness. There is usually not much to be done about that, and one should not be shy about sending source files back for cleanup. Or outsourcing that or do it yourself and deliver with a punishing invoice for that service. And certainly, CYA by carefully documenting all the issues to the standards expected for evidence to be used in a court of law.

But when all the planets align and you get a well-prepared source file to translate, you'll more than get by with a little help from the memoQ Language Terminal. A lot of people fail to set up a linked account with their desktop installation of memoQ, and that's the first mistake. Personally, I wouldn't bother with doing that on the server, not until the bugs for working with InDesign files are fixed in the project management controls, so I no longer have to teach the tricks contained in this section.

Details and videos in English, German and Spanish to be added when we get to the Filters topic in the second half of October

However, a full explanation was given in the office hours chat on 2023-09-28 regarding the techniques for getting previews of INDD and IDML projects in both local and online projects. So if you really need to know now, go look at that raw recording.

But first do yourself a favor and set up a Language Terminal account on your desktop client memoQ installation! Don't worry (or maybe even think) about using that account for other purposes.

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