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Microsoft's learning page on supported character classes, Unicode categories, etc. in .NET regex

This is the definitive guide to what will work in the flavor of regex used by memoQ.

Learning regular expressions

Anthony Rudd, "Short Introduction to Regular Expressions" (2018) --

Anthony Rudd, "Regular Expression Introduction" (2021, a 45-slide PPTX deck) --

Testing regular expressions

Anthony Rudd recommends a number of good sites for testing and understanding expressions, but my favorite page is the Regex Storm test page at:

Convert text to "code points"

This is useful sometimes to understand why an auto-translation rule fails or a words that is in your term base isn't found.

Below the link there is a text file in English with some words ("memoQ" and "Anthony") that have zero-width (invisible) characters embedded in them. Import this text into a memoQ project as a source text. Double-click these words and see what happens. Type them into your term base or try the filters for source text and see what happens. Then copy those words or numbers to the web page for conversion to code points and count the number of "codes", comparing it to how many letters you see.

This problem can be cleaned up in a number of ways discussed in this course.

Free XSL transformation page

This course includes a special script in the XSL language which is able to reformat the XML files exported with regex from your Regex Assistant libraries in memoQ. The page linked below allows you to perform this conversion free of charge. See the section on the memoQ Regex Assistant for further details.

iceni TransPDF

... brought to you by the language service culture wars. TransPDF enables you to extract XLIFF from an unlocked PDF file and create an HTML preview for that XLIFF which is viewable in the memoQ translation workspace. More information about this service, which is fully integrated with memoQ, is available here:

If you use this particular option for importing PDF files to memoQ, you must remember to clear old PDF conversions off of the TransPDF server or you may encounter problems if you reach the maximum files limit, particularly with free accounts.

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