Tip #7 – Managing multiple term bases with hotkeys

Sending new terms to a specific ranked term base

In memoQ 2015 (aka version 7.8), new keyboard shortcuts were introduced with a lot of additional, often module-specific functionality. Among the most important changes in these new shortcuts were possibilities to send terminology directly to one of the ranked term bases 1 through 9 in the memoQ project. This is completely separate from the two commands Add Term and Quick Add Term which write to the default term bases for entering new terms as described in Tip 1.

These new commands for writing directly to specific ranked term bases are found in the Global category in a keyboard shortcuts setting. These settings can be accessed in the relevant part of the memoQ Resource Console or under Options > Keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, there are no shortcut key assignments in the Default keyboard resource (pretty stupid, huh?), so you'll have to add the assignments yourself if you have a lot of other shortcut customizations or use the resource provided with this tip if you still use all the default keyboard settings as originally installed with memoQ.

In a project where the text may contain relevant terminology for different subject matter (such as law, finance and medicine), this feature allows me to send a medical term straight to my medical term base, a legal term to the legal term base, etc. thus avoiding confusion and "content contamination" or any sort of complex juggling to transfer the terms which might also be written to a dedicated project term base for QA purposes.

My YouTube video on managing multiple term bases in a memoQ project shows how these special keyboard shortcuts for writing to specific term bases work. Click here to see that part of the video.

This tip includes a downloadable memoQ resource (MQRES) file in which the default keyboard shortcuts included with the memoQ installation have been updated to add the hot key combinations necessary to write directly to one of the term bases 1 through 9. This file can be imported in the memoQ Resource Console or Options dialog (with Import new) and in the latter selected as the keyboard shortcut set to use:

How do you keep track of which term base is assigned what rank in the project? Good question. I usually write the ones I need to keep track of on a Post-It note stuck to my monitor or on a piece of paper somewhere nearby on my desk. There may be a little potential here for memoQ developers to refine this feature in the future - or at least put assignments into the default keyboard settings installed with the software!

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