Week 5 (October 2 to 8)

Important dates & notices:

2023-10-05 – Office hours discussion "What's wrong with my segmentation?": recording available here.

This talk was an introduction to memoQ segmentation rules and some basic issues that may be worthwhile to fix in some languages and project types. Methods and resources were shared to aid in identifying segmentation problems in a great number of languages (see the Segmentation Rules section of the course).

Activity summary:

2023-10-02 – updated the "Cui bono?" page. The purpose of this page is to show some of the specific resources as they become available for particular languages and specialties. 

Due to time restrictions, henceforth activity summaries will not provide most details of additions and edits in the course materials. For course participants, changes in the "completion status" of a past unit may indicate a present difference in the available information and resources.

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