Introduction to this unit

memoQ term bases are simple...

... at first glance. But getting the most out of them can be a process of considerable study and some experimentation. This unit is intended to reinforce essential knowledge for memoQ term base "basics" and provide some guidance for further useful applications of your terminology resources.

With the assumption that everyone in this course knows how to use term bases at the simplest level (creating them and attaching them to a project), we'll start this unit with content from a tips course I did a few years ago, with update commentaries to reflect changes in memoQ. The (downloadable) video in the next lesson is from the review webinar of the tips course, and the individual tips and updates will be posted in subsequent lessons.

Other lessons will cover "repackaging" of terms from different sources and strategies for sharing terminology for use in other applications. Course participants with particular needs related to terminology or maintenance in memoQ are encouraged to express these in the comment below or in private messages via my usual contact channels.

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